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Launch date: 05 April 00:00

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Investment program
with limits

Randomix.org offers easy-to-use and legit investment program, where you can invest any amount of deposit from $1 and get absolutely passive hourly earnings.


crypto-trading bot

Our self-made cryptocurrency trading bot shows excellent results at a short working distance, but, term and percentage of earnings are always different.


Randomized profit
for participants

Our participants earn in total 105% - 120% per deposit, with terms 24 - 48 hours. Such a spread of numbers is obtained due to different values ​​of robot trading results.

Hourly earnings percentage:
2.18% - 5% hourly
Total earnings percentage:
105% - 120%
Total duration time:
24 - 48 hours
Withdraw regulation:
instant payments
Join program and start to make profit

Always profitable!

machine learning technology

Randomix specialists created a crypto-trading bot at the end of 2018 and for almost a year tested and improved its work in a falling and growing market circumstances.

The main difference from other analogues is a machine learning technology, which allows us to improve bot trading methods every cycle.

Participants receive a share of our trading profit
We use only trusted trading strategies
Trading bot works without interruptions 24/7

3 easy steps to participate

become partner in 1 minute

Step #1: Create a new account (click here), and login it with your personal data. It's free.
Step #2: Create new deposit with your favorite currency and any amount you want.
Detailed information about investment conditions you can find on this page.
Step #3: Wait for deposit term expired (from 24 to 48 hours) and request withdraw or create new deposit.
All payouts comes instantly to your personal wallet.
Still have a questions? Check out F.A.Q. page

Unbreakable protection

We are using unapproachable DDoS-protection and secure SSL-encryption. All operations are absolutely anonymous and safe.

Always in touch

Our support teammates are always ready to answer all your questions or suggestions. Please, contact us via your favorite social networks or e-mail, and we will try to answer you as fast as it possible.

Investment program

fully passive earning for every investor

Your random hourly earnings:
2.18% - 5%
Random duration time for every deposit:
24 - 48 hours
Total earnings after deposit period:
105% - 120%
Withdraw regulation: Funds comes INSTANTLY on your wallet after request
Reinvestment bonus: +1% PROFIT BONUS for every deposit from balance
Minimum deposit amount: $1 | 0.001 | 0.01 | 0.1 | 1000 | 10
Minimum withdraw amount: $0.1 | 0.001 | 0.01 | 0.1 | 1000 | 10
Calculate your profit
and make deposit:
Calculate your profit
and make deposit:
Calculate your profit
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Calculate your profit
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Calculate your profit
and make deposit:
Calculate your profit
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Calculate your profit
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Payment systems

Bounty program

Support our program and earn additional funds
YouTube promotion
Earn up to $100 creating and sharing video-review
Twitter promotion
Earn up to $10 sharing our Twitter-posts
Telegram promotion
Earn up to $50 promoting our Telegram groups
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Affiliate system

Unlimited earnings with our affiliate program
Participant status
Only 1 level of partner structure
Affiliate commission 5% for every deposit
Representative status
Expanded 3 levels of partner structure
Affiliate commission 7% - 2% - 1%
Referrals total deposits amount from $5000
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The latest news

News items legend:
- General news;
- Deposit limits changes;
- New features.
00:00 01.04.2020
Account limits for 05.04.2020
Personal maximal deposit account limit on Randomix launch day:
USD: $10
Bitcoin: 0.002 BTC
Ethereum: 0.1 ETH
Litecoin: 0.3 LTC
Dogecoin: 5000 DOGE
Ripple: 50 XRP
Read full article
00:00 01.04.2020
Launch date of investment program
We are proud to present you the launch of Randomix investment platform! Investment plan is simple: random value between 105% - 120% of earnings, and 24 - 48 hours of investment term.
Launch date: 05 April 00:00 servertime (UTC 0)
Registration of new accounts will be opened at the time of launch. All old accounts will be available. Read full article
00:00 01.04.2020
New auto-refback feature
Meet new auto-refback system! You can find it on your personal account page "Affiliate program". You can setup percentage of your affiliate earnings to back. For example, of you get 5% per referral deposit, you can setup 50% auto-refback, and from that moment you will share your comission with your deposited referral 2.5% each. You can setup any percentage you want. Read full article

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Feel free to contact us with any question, we will answer you as soon as it possible.

Preferred contact method is Telegram. If you have an urgent question, please, use it above all.
Please, do not spam our live support with promotional offers, kindly contact our marketing manager.
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